What Men of the Fair Sex Consider. 7 Secrets You Need to Know

What Men of the Fair Sex Consider. 7 Secrets You Need to Know

It seems as if two sex partners are always trying to do the exact opposite of each other during love: the man is focused on the woman’s pleasure and he is focused on her pleasure. The result is that intercourse sometimes becomes awkward.

Men don’t know what women want. Women are not sure what men want. The exaggerated and overly cartoon scenes we see in movies and porn don’t exactly help the situation!

This is why I often suggest that perhaps couples should try to do the opposite sometimes-stop focusing exclusively on pleasure with each other and focus more on receiving pleasure.

I know it is forbidden to say that you are ‘selfish’ in bed. No one wants to be identified as a selfish lover – i. someone who clings to and does not care about his partner. But that’s not what receiving pleasure is all about.

Receiving pleasure means that even if you please your partner later, RIGHT NOW you are committed to getting pleasure. You want to be comfortable, you want to orgasm, and you want to give your partner the joy that pleases you. When your ‘turn’ is done, you do the same to him and the focus is his pleasure. This approach encourages both partners to stop worrying about ‘mutual pleasure’ and instead focus on getting the FULL experience of their partner’s love.

So the next time you’re sleeping with your girlfriend, and if you really want her to think, ‘Wow she’s the best I have!’, Then make it your focus that she won’t only let you down, but to spend a little time to fulfil his fantasies. Here are seven secrets to having great sex from a man’s perspective.

  1. A Visual Delight

Men are visual creatures and so the more you arouse their senses in bed, the better. Men love to look underwear, full of nudity, they love watching you in different sex positions. Men love the idea of ​​watching a woman masturbate for her own pleasure.


What is really needed is that you are not shy or don’t want him to see you, but be diligent in giving him pleasure. In this case, seeing your naked body and being confident in yourself and comfortable in her presence is exactly what turned her on.

  1. Intense Eye Contact

While it’s true that men love the doggy and reverse cowgirl style and all those wild positions, the truth is the closer he gets to the climax the more he wants to see your face, especially tight and intense intercourse eye contact. Not only does it show your careless attention, but it also amplifies the feeling of intimacy and emotional connection.

  1. Efficient Communication

Face it, intercourse can be embarrassing especially if both partners feel self-conscious. This is why fine communications are always valued between sheets. The secret to sex communication is to keep it POSITIVE and keep it simple. A person clearly does not want to be criticised if he or she has done something wrong. A better idea is to guide him in doing what you want, either by direct statements, questions, or even physically pushing or pulling him towards the right place.

In addition to guidance, be sure to give him or her enthusiastic feedback as well. Keep it sexy by talking dirty, moaning when you feel compelled, and breathing faster as you speak. These were all cues he wanted to hear so he could keep up the pace.

  1. Compliments Galore

Men are always welcome compliments! The face is, during sex we are susceptible. Everyone is pretty conscious of their body (assuming you’re not an action hero making 20 million per movie!) And so everyone needs a little bit of self-reinforcement. Compliment everything about your girlfriend – her approach, body, face, voice, ass, cock, you name, she wants to hear it!

Also remember that there is no need to do everything about ‘bigger’, especially if he is average-sized or less than average. Sometimes just saying that a man is hard, or that his penis is ‘nice’ or ‘delicious’ is enough. No need to exaggerate… just keep it simple.


  1. An Open Mind

One of the ways a man knows if he has met the MOST (in terms of sex and a horny partner) is if he is open minded and loves SEEING sexuality-with him and her. Deeply someone who loves the idea of ​​a woman who is open to (almost) anything and loves to experience the new and kinky.

It’s not always the case to do ‘everything’ (especially if it bothers you). But the real joy is in sharing fantasies and opening up emotionally so you can be honest with what turns you on and what turns him on. Since it’s for her enjoyment, encourage her to describe her fantasies and then do a little ‘role play’ to give her some of her hottest scenarios.

  1. A Desire is satisfied

The funny thing about men is that even though they are focused on receiving pleasure, they still think about your orgasm. The very idea of ​​a woman orgasming gives pleasure to a man. That’s why the idea of ​​‘good sex’ with a man always involves his ability to drive a woman wild and give her the best orgasm she has ever had.

The stroking of his ego, as well as his body, gives him pleasure. Don’t just tell him you like the encounter … let him think he’s the best you have. You can do this in more subtle ways for a better effect, with your feedback, your enthusiasm, and your willingness to start sex. Let him think of his terrifying sex pheromones that cause you to be in the mood. Don’t be shy … attack him in good ways!

  1. An Afterglow Encore

Last but not least, don’t forget the finish. Men really want to have sex after sex and most of all, they want to brag about the scene after it’s over. They want to touch, hold, hug and love you. Instead of also talking too soon about the feelings, just express joy and excitement at the experience you shared. He wants to know that you are just as wowed in the affair as he is. You don’t know what this relationship is … but you want to explore it further!

Keep him happy in bed and he will forget all the temptations. Someone wants good sex, not a lot of bad sex stages!

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